A General Overview of Investment Types

There are many different investments that you can make. The most common types are small- company stocks, large-company stocks, government bonds, and real-estate properties. Each type has its benefits and tradeoffs, and in this lesson, we will cover the most basic information for each investment. Small-Company and Large-Company Stocks A stock is a small share […]


OPINION: Why Investors Play a Crucial Role in the Economy

Society loathes the investor, and it’s quite clear why. They seem to profit off pure luck and others’ hard work, and very tellingly, their income is legally called unearned. Additionally, their irresponsibility and greed have caused the Great Depression and the Great Recession, resulting in a fervent anti-Wall Street movement. But in reality, they actually […]


What is a Bond?

As you are handling your investments or reading the news, you might come across the word bond. What is a bond? What does it do? When is it appropriate to buy? In this article, I will try to explain the basics of financial bonds in the simplest terms. How does a bond work? A bond […]