Coronavirus: Creating An Economic Pandemic?

Originating in Wuhan, China, the coronavirus epidemic has headlined international news for the better part of the last two months. Global health concerns over the spread of the virus have been especially heightened with the presence of Lunar New Year celebrations, the virus’ long incubation period, and the fact that Wuhan is a major transportation […]

Black Friday: Holiday Shopping and the American Economy

As the holiday season goes into full swing, many people turn to spend time with family and spread the spirit of giving. However, another behemoth force lurks beneath the surface of holiday cheer: the holiday shopping season. Traditionally, the holiday shopping season lasts from early November to mid-December, and is headlined by Black Friday, which […]


Middle Eastern Oil Crisis: Golden Opportunity or Red Flag?

On Saturday, September 14th, a drone strike from a Yemeni rebel group affiliated with Iran attacked Saudi Arabia’s largest oil production field, taking out 10% of Saudi oil production and nearly 5% of the entire globe’s oil supply. In the wake of the attack, crude oil prices skyrocketed, marked by a 12.62% increase by market […]


What Recent IPOs May Be Telling Us About the Economy

If you follow the financial markets, you’re likely somewhat familiar with the recently called off WeWork initial public offering, or IPO for short. With a valuation that reached levels as high as $47 billion and balance sheets indicating a company hemorrhaging cash, WeWork’s plan had all the indications of the 1999-era excess and technology bubble. […]


Economic Downturn: Is Your Portfolio Ready for It?

In recent weeks, global markets have been put under a tremendous amount of stress, with speculation that this unprecedented era of growth is now on the decline. Market indicators such as the inverted yield curve on U.S. Treasury bonds have further pressured the bullish market, leaving the future uncertain for investors. With these troubling times […]


Navigating the Marijuana Industry: 3 Stocks and 1 ETF to Buy in 2019

In the past few years, the marijuana industry has expanded at an unprecedented pace, and has not looked back. The recent legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada, as well as continual legalization in states has paved the way for manufacturers, wholesale distributors, and shops to take advantage of the rapidly growing market. Marijuana-based IPOs have […]