OPINION: A Case for Campaign Spending Limits

Campaign finance has always been a controversial topic, especially ever since 2010. If you aren’t familiar, 2010 was the year the Supreme Court voted on Citizens United v. FEC, which allowed the formation of Super PACs that can spend unlimited amounts of money on campaigns. This decision caused huge controversy, and people have been calling for […]


OPINION: What’s up with Andrew Yang’s Freedom Dividend?

With the next Presidential election quickly approaching, the Democratic stage is heating up. In fact, as I write this, over twenty candidates are still contenders in the race. With so much competition, it can be hard for candidates to distinguish themselves. However, one candidate has had no trouble sticking out for his differences: he didn’t […]

OPINION: America’s Infrastructure Problem

Almost every politician in America will agree on one thing; public investment in infrastructure is unacceptably low. President Trump has pushed infrastructure week, and most democratic presidential nominees have announced sweeping plans to invest in infrastructure. But in reality, even with these new plans, America’s infrastructure is far behind – foolishly behind – its rising […]


OPINION: Free-Market Principles Do Not Apply to Healthcare

When looking at a market, leftists see a means by which the rich can exploit the labor of the poor to build on their fortunes. Proponents of economic freedom would see rational actors negotiating fair prices through competition, the effect of what Adam Smith called the “invisible hand” of the market. Both are correct only […]


OPINION: What’s So Important About Financial Literacy?

My obsession with finance and economics has opened many doors. From gaining interest in AP Microeconomics and Macroeconomics, to investing avidly in the stock market, I’ve learned many things. I’ve realized that human nature is in fact a force that must be reckoned with in economic analysis, and I’ve realized that history may be destined […]


OPINION: Why Investors Play a Crucial Role in the Economy

Society loathes the investor, and it’s quite clear why. They seem to profit off pure luck and others’ hard work, and very tellingly, their income is legally called unearned. Additionally, their irresponsibility and greed have caused the Great Depression and the Great Recession, resulting in a fervent anti-Wall Street movement. But in reality, they actually […]


OPINION: The United States Can No Longer Ignore a Growing Debt Crisis

As the level of debt in the United States continues to increase, the country cannot continue to ignore unchecked federal spending and increasing student debt. According to Just Facts, government debt alone is equal to “105% of the U.S. gross domestic product,” and “617% of annual federal revenues.” By 2050, it is estimated that U.S. […]