Pro-Business Government Interventionism

A vast majority of government intervention into economic matters is for the benefit of the consumer or the worker, and in fact, many businesses see an active government as an obstacle or even an enemy. But there are government policies which when enacted actually create a better economic environment for business. This lesson will cover […]


The History of Regulating the Financial Markets: The Great Depression and 2008

As much as investing is crucial to our economy, so are the rules which regulate it. As shown in history, when regulation was misguided or lacking, massive financial and economic crises have happened, most notably the Great Depression and Great Recession. Why are regulation so important? Most clearly, they prevent the misconduct which places excessive […]


The Inverted Yield Curve: Recession Predictor or Flawed Indicator?

If you follow the markets closely, you have likely heard of the infamous “inverted yield curve.” Many experts on CNBC may link this flip to a coming recession, or a bear market. The stock market responds to the news of the curve reversal with strong selling. Today, the indicator has just made its presence known […]