8 Ways to Ensure Financial Security

In 2018 alone, over 2.5 billion user accounts were hacked. Information including personal details, emails, and bank accounts was compromised. With more people using the Internet every day, hacking and identity theft are becoming a growing danger. As a result, people must learn good security habits in order to ensure the safety of their financial […]


Lessons on Financial Wellness and Entrepreneurship from Honeydue Founder Eugene Park

Money is often cited as one of the biggest sources of stress for Americans. One of the rising solutions to help fight the stresses of managing finances is with the help of mobile apps. From budgeting to debt payoff, there are all sorts of personal finance apps to help you stay on top of things. […]


How Do I Make a Budget? Looking at the 50/20/30 Rule

The short answer: it depends. Not everyone is going to spend and save the same percentage of their income each month. However, deciding upon a feasible plan to allocate your monthly spending is important, and something that everyone should be doing once they receive an income. Currently, Americans have one of the worst savings habits […]